Fishkeeping is a popular hobby. Fish are easy to care for and are ideal for busy people who don't have much time to spare daily. It is comparatively inexpensive entertainment that takes less space. 

Looking at full-color fish floating inside aquariums is stress-relieving and helps in Blood pressure control. It allows Alzheimer's patients to slow down the disease impact.

A Short History Reference about the Origin of Fish Keeping

Fishkeeping has a historical background. Sumerians from the ancients Mesopotamia were expected to kept fish in artificial ponds in 2500BC. Romans and Egyptians also kept fish in ponds for both foods. Ornamental fish keeping started in the Sung dynasty (960-1279)when the Chinese liked the Gibel carp's appearance with gold coloration. They use to catch pretty-looking species and keep them in the garden ponds. That is how the search for pretty-looking species began, which led to the first goldfish breeding. With the breeding of carp converted into goldfish, interest in keeping fish started spreading to neighboring countries. In the 17th century first aquarium was introduced in Europe. Soon fishkeeping gained public interest and became a popular hobby in Europe. Philip Henry Goose was an English naturalist who coined the word aquarium. Today fishkeeping has gained worldwide popularity, and it is considered amongst the top pet-keeping hobbies. Also, various studies revealed numerous physical and mental benefits of adopting fishkeeping as a hobby. 

There are many reasons to adopt fish keeping as a hobby.

Improve Mental Health

Fishkeeping has many health benefits. Seeing and observing fish calms down human nerves and triggers positive emotions.

Lower Down Heart Rates

Pet fish improve the health of heart patients. Looking at aquatics fishes has been proven to lower the heart rate, so it is incredibly beneficial for reducing cardiovascular problems.

Boost mood

Fish are peaceful, and keeping fish makes people calm and improves their mood, so if you have decided to get a pet, go for the fish to feel more vigorous and healthy.

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Perfect For People with Small Homes:

Keeping fish is the best choice for people who have small homes and don't have space to keep a cat or dog. A fish tank doesn't need much space, and it can be easy to place on a shelf or a table.

Creates a Sense of Responsibility in Children:

Children love pets, and fish are the perfect pets for children. Fishkeeping is always an entertaining hobby for kids as they love to spend time with their favorite fish. Keeping fish can help create a self of responsibility in children as taking care of fish their food, their aquarium can develop a sense of commitment. It also provides children a chance to learn about the underwater world and environment. 

Add Attraction in Life and Homes:

An aquarium with aquatic plants and colorful fish is a pleasure to watch. Adding artificial aquatic plants, corals, and gravels increases the attraction of the aquarium. A beautiful aquarium adds beauty to homes.  

Help Alziemers patients:

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Many doctors and dentists have fish aquariums in their clinics as watching fish in the water has positive effects on patients. Research by Purdue University in 1999 shows that aquariums therapy helps Alzheimer's patients to calm down agitation and improve their food intake.

Fish Reduce Stress:

Fish tanks with bright color fish and live plants help autistic children overcome disruptive behavior, increase their concentration, and improve speech.

Help Reduce Autism:

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Fish tanks with bright color fish and plants help autistic children overcome disruptive behavior, increase their concentration level, and improve speech.

 Improve Sleep:

Adequate sleep is essential for health. Cleaning fish tanks, checking water parameters involves movement of the body that is good for health. It is always helpful for a relaxing sleep to spend some time with pet fish before bedtime

Fish are peaceful

As compared to other pets, fish does not need to take out for a walk, nor they create a mess in homes, and they don't disturb others by making necessary noise.

Fish are economical

Fishkeeping is a cost-effective hobby as most fish are available at reasonable prices. The average annual cost of fishkeeping could go around 150 USD, which is comparatively low compared to dogs or cats, which could go up to 900 USD to 1200 USD.

Fishkeeping does not take more than 30 minutes per week; this also includes the time needed for cleaning and changing water.

Here are some points relating to fish care that will help you better manage your fish and aquariums.

1- Feed your fish two times a day in the morning and give them a small amount of food. Overfeeding could make fish sick and stressed.

2-You must change 25 percent water each week to keep your fish tank clean.

3-Clean your aquarium, plants, and other stuff installed in the aquarium. Use a gravel vacuum to clean waste from the aquarium.

4-A little effort to look after your aquarium can save your fish from many disease problems, so regularly clean your fish tank could keep your pet fish happy and contented.

5-Aquarium equipment comes in different qualities. Always use the top-quality aquarium for aquarium cleaning, oxygen supply, and temperature maintenance.

6- Place the water tank in a suitable place, which helps in stress-free maintenance. Placing a fish tank in direct sunlight could change the fish tank's temperature. This could also cause unwanted algae in the tank.

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