Tetras are the most beautiful and easy-to-keep kind of fish. They can adjust with every other specie if they are not big enough to chew them up.

Tetras are not that easy to breed compared to some other species. The most common type of tetra lays eggs twice a month. Their eggs hatch in about a day.

It would be best if you did not ignore the fact that there are more than 30 types of tetras. And each type has its own way of reproducing. Let us discuss this issue in detail.

Are Tetras Easy to Breed?

tetra fish types

There are many types of tetras, but the smaller ones are more willing to lay eggs than the others. They only require a sufficient amount of food and good water condition.

Breeding a tetra is not that hard; you should provide them with proper water conditions and dim lights. Keep an eye on them till they lay eggs, the eggs will either attach to the moss, or they may stay at the bottom of the tank. Their eggs are not present in any specific corner, rather they are scattered throughout the tank. It is often hard to locate the eggs; they are misunderstood as garbage and are disposed of during the water changes.

Tetras Feeding Routine:

Tetra fish feeding routine

Tetras have only two basic requirements, water, and food. The survival of this fish depends mainly on food. Therefore you should feed them thrice a day. It depends on the quality and the quantity of the food. The fish should finish their food in almost two minutes.

It is better to keep switching your tetra’s feed regularly. Tetras like to eat both live as well as frozen food like shrimp pallets, frozen-dried bloodworms, and tropical granules. Frozen Shrimps are the favorite food of tetras, and it also helps in spawning. You can also serve them with fruits, but make sure to cut them into very tiny pieces. Otherwise, you will just be adding to the garbage in the tank.

They are feeding more or less than the normal quantity can be dangerous. The uneaten food stimulates the growth of fungi in the tank.

How Many Tetras Can Be Kept Together?

Tetras like to swim in groups; therefore, It is recommended to keep at least six tetras in a tank. As it will be hard for them to adjust without their group if the number would be less than 6.

An important rule to keep in mind is that one fish requires one gallon of water. So, if you want to keep

7 tetras, well, that’s only possible if you have a tank full of gallons of water.

One tetra can produce 130 eggs. It is better to keep only a few tetras if your goal is to increase the population. Only those tetras that are ready to spawn should be kept together, or the rest would only be dining upon the fry. If they are not taken care of properly, they might not survive. Out of 130 eggs on, 30 to 40 survive.

How Often Do Neon Tetra Breed?

Neon tetras used to breed after every 14 days. But, in tanks and aquariums, they are seen breeding only twice a year. Once the pair spawn and lay eggs, the eggs hatch in a day. The most difficult part is to keep the fry alive.

To protect the egg and fry it is necessary to shift the adult fish right after they release eggs. If you provide sufficient food, nothing can stop their survival.

What Does The Fry Eat?

Right after hatching from the egg, the fry is weak and requires special care for a couple of days.

Initially, fry rely upon the nutrients in their eggshells. Later you can serve them with infusoria. You can also add variations to the table, like spicing it up with worms.

Under favorable water conditions, fry starts to swim in almost four days.

The best way to breed tetras is to keep them in a separate breeding tank. This will provide an environment of safety where the little ones will be the center of all the care.











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