Cleaning the fish aquarium is important if neglected; it causes diseases to aquarium critters. Fish waste produces ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, which are toxic for fish. To keep these in range, water changes and the removal of fish waste are necessary.

How often should your fish tank need cleaning?

It is vital to detail clean the aquarium once a month, whereas water changes and partial cleaning once a week. After once a week, you will also need to change 25 percent tank water. Monthly cleaning goes with glass, ornaments, and filter cleaning. You can clean the tank glass after two weeks to avoid being exhausted, as, after a month tank, glass needs more scrubbing.

Siphoning the tank to have a clean tank base:

Siphoning the tank base, with a substrate or not, comes in weekly cleaning as the fish waste or rotten food remains at the base. Fish waste on the tank bottom needs removing. You can use a siphon to pull out the fish waste. Hold the opening end of the siphon above the aquarium substrate, and position the other end into a bucket. Before starting, you will have to add water from the opening by putting your left-hand thumb over the hose closing to let the air remove. Now that your siphon tube is, filled with water, remove the hand from the other side to get water flowing into the bucket. Move the siphon along the substrate and, if you have gravel or sand substrate, push the siphon downward to let the fish waste come out with water. Having done siphoning, you can add the water to refill the tank.

Cleaning aquarium glass:

When the aquarium glass is clean, the fish look clear with their vibrant color. Aquarium glass needs to be cleaned once a week before every water change. Different tools are available to clean aquarium glass. Some of these are down here.


Aquarium glass cleaning sponges are available in the market, specially made for aquarium glass. You can even use a simple sponge to clean your aquarium glass. These sponges also help in removing algae from the glass. While cleaning at the bottom, be careful if some sand or gravel gets along the sponge and can scratch the glass.

Algae magnets

Excessive light and nutrients cause algae on the glass. An Algae magnet has two magnetic bodies, one placed inside the aquarium and the other holds it from the outer side of the aquarium. It starts cleaning the algae from the glass when we move the magnet across the aquarium glass. Small size Algae magnets are suitable for 5mm to 8mm size aquarium glass, medium size for 9mm to 15 mm, and large size for above 15mm aquarium glass.

Algae scrapers

  Algae scrapers are tools for removing algae from fish tank glass available in the market in different sizes and designs. They do well in cleaning aquarium glass, and it will become easy to see the tank's inner side and what is happening.

Algae scrubber pad

The Algae pads remove algae and other buildups from aquarium glass. Having soft, these sponges move smoothly across the fish tank glass, cleaning anything from the glass.

How to clean Limescale on the aquarium glass?

Over time, white residue or Limescale builds on aquarium glass. The simple way to clean the aquarium glass is vinegar. You can spray the white vinegar or apply it with a cotton cloth on the glass and leave it for five to ten minutes. Having spread vinegar for five to ten minutes, clean the glass with tap water. Gently scrub the glass with a soft cloth. If the lime spots are challenging, you can use a razor blade after spraying vinegar to remove them. Spray the glass with vinegar or apply it with a cotton cloth and gently scrub it to remove all the spots of lime buildup. Do not use soap or washing up liquid for cleaning the glass, as it can kill your fish.

Cleaning filter 

The filter cleans the aquarium water and keeps it safe for the good health of your aquarium fish. When your filter gets clogged with fish debris, it's time to clean it. Large filters need cleaning after a month, whereas small filter needs cleaning after a few weeks. 

You should always check the filter cleaning manual for the filter in your tank. Follow the instructions written on it regarding cleaning.

Final words:

Cleaning is the requirement to give your fish a good, clean home and keep them in good health. The health or well-being of fish depends on the water condition that needs to be clean and safe. 

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