Fish are beautiful, vibrant, and calm creatures that have been considered stress-relieving to look at in-home aquariums moving around. Down below is a selection of fish suitable for beginners.

Guppies Fish

"Guppies fish with green background"

Guppy is a tropical, freshwater fish1.5 to 2inches grows in size, can be kept with swordfish, mollies, and platies. The water temperature for guppies is 70 to 80-degree Fahrenheit(24-30 degrees Celsius) with a PH range of 6.8-7.6. Guppies are omnivores, can eat meat, vegetables, fish flakes, brine shrimp, daphnia, and frozen food. Guppies are very peaceful, easy to care for because of their hardness. They are life bearer give birth to 30-40 fry after 30 days.

Mollies Fish

"Mollies fish in group"

Molly is a small tropical warm-water fish that grows up to 3to 4inches in size, These are peaceful creatures that settle well in the community of other small fish. The water temperature for mollies is 72-82degrees Fahrenheit (21-28 degrees Celsius) with a Ph range7.5 of -8.5. Being hardiest these are easy to care for, suits beginner’s aquarist. They can eat anything, vegetables, cucumber, peas, blood worms, brine shrimps, flakes, and pellets. The size of the aquarium depends on their size minimum aquarium size for Molly fish is 10 gallons. It's preferable to Place a heater in the aquarium to maintain the temperature stable.

Tetras Fish

"Tetra fish in water"

Tetra fish's average size is 2inches, black, neon, Cardinal, blood fin, lemon, ember, diamond, penguin, red eyes, and flame tetra are some types of tetras. Tetras need a temperature between 75 to 80-degree Fahrenheit (22-to 26 degrees Celsius) and a PH level of 7.7 to-8. Their feed is brine shrimps, blood worms, as omnivores eat both meat and plant stuff. Tetras should be fed twice a day with a small amount of food.

Rasboras Fish

Rasboras are schooling fish that enjoy being in groups; it grows to get large up to 2 to-3inches in size. They are social, active, non-aggressive, easy to settle with other small fish. Rasboras are vibrant in colors, need a water temperature of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit and a Ph level of 5.8 to -7.0. The minimum aquarium size for rasboras is 10-gallon water.

Platies Fish

Patties are strong and hardy suitable for beginners as they can tolerate PH range 6.8 to-8.5 to keep in a home aquarium. Platty fish grow to 3.5to -4inches. The water temperature required for a Platty fish aquarium is 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit


"Angle fish with green plants"

Angelfish has a striped pattern; it is the fittest selection for aquarists aquariums because of their beauty. Angelfish prefer food like brine shrimp, spirulina flakes, blood worms, being an omnivore eats animals and plants. It would be enough to feed angelfish twice a day overeating can make the fish sick or stressed will lead to death. Angelfish can grow up to six inches in size and a 20-gallon high aquarium is suitable for keeping angelfish in a pair of two. Angel is a freshwater fish suitable temperature for Angelfish is between temperature suits between 78 to -84 degrees Fahrenheit with ph6.8-7 to .8. These are slow-moving water fish that should be kept with rainbow fish, gouramis, corydoras and are not appropriate to keep with fast-moving fish.


Zebra danios are cold-water fish; these are considered to be schooling fish that require a temperature between 64 to-75 degrees Fahrenheit. These fish have a zebra pattern and can grow up to 2 inches in size. Zebra Danios are very active, look pretty in an aquascaped aquarium.


"A Beautiful gold fish in white and orange color"

Goldfish are freshwater fish; these creatures are friendly, peaceful, that need fresh and clean water to thrive. Common Some Goldfish can grow over 12 inches, so it needs to require a large aquarium of about 20 gallons per fish. So if there is more than one fish, it requires more space. Goldfish has more than two200 hundred types, Oranda, Comet, B bubble eye, B black moor, Lion moor, and many more. Aquarium temperature between 68-74 is perfect for goldfish. A water filter is required to remove the toxic waste produced by goldfish and keeping the water clean. Goldfish are hardy cold-water fish that does not need a heater.

Sward tails

They are called sward tails because of their long tail that is like a sword. They grow up to 5.5 to -6 inches. Sward tail likes to be in groups. A,,20 gallons aquarium would be appropriate for 6-8 of them. They prefer a temperature between 72 -82 degrees Fahrenheit with a Ph range of 7.0-8.0. Sward tails like to eat meat, plants, blood worms, pellets, flakes, and dried worms.

Betta fish

"Beautiful Betta fish in happy mood"

Betta fish grow 2.5 -3inches in size. For betta fish, the recommended minimum tank size is ten gallons. The water temperature for betta fish is75- 80degrees Fahrenheit (24-30 degrees Celsius) with a Ph of 6.8-7.5. Betta fish need a filter for removing toxic elements produced by the fish. Bettas are distinctive because of their large, colorful tails. Betta is not a community fish that likes to be alone. They are aggressive


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