Live plants are an essential part of any aquarium. Best Live plants are the ones that provide the following benefits 

  • Provide oxygen
  • Natural appearance
  • Provide hiding places
  • Help to remove toxins
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Maintain the water quality by releasing oxygen
  • Help to reduce Algae
  • Absorb the nitrogen, ammonia 
  • Encourage fish growth and 
  • Maintain the water quality by releasing oxygen

In short, these live plants ensure better health and a healthy environment for fish and other animals in your Aquarium and add to the overall beauty of your Aquarium by giving it a natural look and feel.

Here is a list of the top eight live plants that most Aquriest recommend using in Aquariums

  • Java fern
  • Java Moss
  • Hornwort
  • Amazon Sword
  • Marimo moss Ball
  • Duckweed
  • Anacharis

Java Fern Aquarium plant

java fern


Java ferns are among the best live plants around. It doesn't require any substrate to grow. 

The leaves of the ferns are thick and rugged, and fish enjoy swimming around them. Java ferns are slow growers and need plenty of days to grow up. That is the reason you should have patience as a beginner. It usually requires only one trim a year. These ferns can survive uneaten, as fish will not eat them, as most fish do not like the taste of these plants. 

Java Moss

Java moss is a lightweight plant and is an ideal choice for a beginner, as it is easy to care for and can tolerate a wide range of water conditions. Java moss can grow anywhere on driftwood, stone, or glass surfaces. It beautifies the tank by carpeting the entire surface of the Aquarium.

Java moss is also a good plant for breeding fish because it provides cover for the fry. Some Fish, like Tetras and Rainbow Fish, lay eggs in these mosses as it provides them with a safe environment. Once eggs are hatched, the tiny fry can take shelter in these mosses until they grow. Java mosses can also provide food for the young ones. Microorganisms named infusoria also expand on these mosses, giving complete nutrition to these small fries. 

Hornwort Plants

Hornwort keeps your Aquarium clean by absorbing all the nitrogen and excess nutrients. This plant will not let fungi grow as it will not leave any food for algae. It is a fast grower and will quickly pop up from your tank. It is mainly placed as a background plant in the Aquarium as it can cover up the wall completely. 

Another great thing about Hornwort is that it can survive in various temperatures. Moreover, fish also feel comfortable laying eggs in their needle-like leaves. Another advantage of Hornworts is that most fish don't eat this plant due to its texture and taste. 

Hornworts can tolerate a wide range of water conditions. Occasionally it sheds leaves in very unfavorable conditions, mainly when the water is changed or when there are insufficient nutrients.

Amazon Sword

Amazon sword is one of the best plants to grow in the background of an aquarium. Amazon Sword can alone give a forest-like effect to your tank. The edges of its leaves are sharp, like a sword. These swords absorb the tank's carbon dioxide and normalize the ammonia level of the Aquarium. Moreover, these plants are also clean and oxygenated like other top live plants mentioned above. 

Amazon Swords are comparatively delicate plants, and poor water conditions can damage them. So keep watching your tank pH levels to balance. 

Avoid using Amazon swords if you already have Oscars and Goldfish in your tank, as they like chewing their leaves. However, keeping Amazon Swords alongside guppies and tetras is perfectly fine.

Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium Plant

Marimo moss ball is a fizzy velvety green ball that you can add to your Aquarium for beauty. It is not a plant or moss but a kind of green algae which likes living in cold waters. Adding the Marimo moss ball to the Aquarium is easy. Just squeeze the Marimo moss ball with your hands so the old water may rinse, and then gently put it in the new Aquariums substrate, and that's it. 

One caution is that you must occasionally clean them and roll them with your hands to keep their round shape. Goldfish and Plecos can damage these moss balls. 


Duckweed is a small aquatic plant. It is known as an aquarium's filter as it can absorb excess nutrients and toxins from the water. That is why it is considered a perfect Aquarium plant, as it helps improve the overall water quality and provides a healthier environment for the fish and other marine animals. 

Duckweed likes CO2, nitrates, and ammonia produced by the waste of the fish and wilt leaves that prevents algae growth. As Duckweed floats on the surface of the Aquarium, it also creates a canopy-like effect on the top surface of the Aquarium, which helps fish from jumping out. In addition, these weeds act as supplementary food for fish as they contain beneficial proteins. Some fish eat Duckweed to cure their intestines. 

Anacharis Plants

Refreshing green  anacharis plant

Anacharis adds magnificence to your Aquarium. It is a low-maintenance plant and can flourish in various temperatures. It maintains water quality by cleaning the waste and absorbing the trash in the tank. Another great thing about Anacharis is that it oxygenates and supports the overall pH level of water. These plants grow tall and are known as ideal background plants. It also provides shelter and a hiding spot for shy creatures like shrimps. 

It's essential to research and ensure that the live plants you choose are compatible with the fish and other animals in your Aquarium.